Eyebrow Sculpting & Lash Lifts, Brisbane

Eyebrow Sculpting 

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the frames to these windows. Ensure they are designed to perfection at the hands of a Nationally Certified Eyebrow Sculptor right here in Lutwyche. Sculpting eyebrows is about precision and perfection every single time. Our experienced Sculptor will give you a tailored customization to suit your career, personality and special requests.


True eyebrow sculpting masters look for balance and proportion. The eyebrow has four main characteristics:


1. Shape

2. Thickness

3. Colour

4. Length


Any one of these four are open to change and improvement. Our goal is to optimize all four so they work together to create the most beautiful eyebrows possible.


An eyebrow sculpting treatment consists of alignment techniques and corrective shaping by trimming, precision tweezing and the finest quality wax. Your eyebrows will be handcrafted for perfection and finished with a beautiful eyebrow powder upon request.


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Eyebrow Sculpt + Colour Customization

The pinnacle of eyebrow luxury, this in-depth eyebrow indulgence includes both the eyebrow sculpting and custom eyebrow colour customization for the ultimate brow transformation.


Eyebrow Colour Customization

Our premium colour customizations come in a variety of shades and last up to 4 weeks. We tailor to your personal requests to get the best definition.




Bad brow tinting experience? Feel like your brows are too dark? Wink Lash Studio has the magic ingredient to undo what you thought couldn’t be undone!


All Wink Lash Studio Specialists have been trained in the eyebrow lightening technique. This technique is perfect for anyone who feels his or her eyebrows are too dark. We can use this technique to lighten your eyebrows and create your perfect eyebrow colour.




Bad lash lift experience? About to get eyelash extensions and growing out a lash lift? Wink Lash Studio provides a lash lift straightening service. This service enables us to simply straighten out your natural lashes back to normal. We use a two-product technique that will not only straighten out your natural eyelashes, but nourish them to feel as good as new!


Lash Tint

Our beautiful lash tints come in two different colours, blue-black and black-black and lasts up to 4 weeks.


Lash Lift

Who says curves aren't sexy? With our beautiful lash lift here in Brisbane, you'll have lusicous lifted lashes that will last up to 8 weeks. With this 45 minute treatment you will be able to ditch the DIY lash curler and messy mascara! This treatment works with your natural lashes without having to get eyelash extensions and is followed by a nourishing lash tint to enhance your natural lashes.