Do you live in Brisbane and want a perfect set of lashes applied by Brisbane’s Eyelash Extension Experts? If you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact us. Make a booking NOW!


What do I need to do before my appointment?

  1. Avoid wearing waterproof mascara for a week prior
  2. Remove all make-up and have a clean fresh face
  3. Do not use oily products the day of your appointment

Please ensure you arrive on time and that all eye makeup is removed. We want as much time as possible out of your booking to spend on your lashes rather then removing make-up. New clients please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out your consultation form. If there is any special attention needed throughout your booking please advise in advance. This may be pregnancy or injury etc, that way we can make you more comfortable during your appointment.



Cancellation Policy


Wink Lash Studio has a 24-hour cancellation policy and should a no-show occur, your deposit would unfortunately be forfeited. If you arrive late to your appointment the technician will work until your allocated time has finished. We run a very fair service, but we do have to stay as close to schedule as possible to be fair to all of our clients that have booked also. If changes are made outside of the 24 hour window your deposit will be forfeited. 


If booking has been made with a gift voucher, please be advised that Wink Lash Studio reserves the right to cancel any prepaid voucher or gift certificate if an appointment is cancelled with less that 24 hours notice. Similarly if an appointment is made and no one comes for the appointment the voucher will also be null and void.


Credit card details are required to secure any booking or deposit to be paid via PayPal. Failure to attend a booked appointment or cancellation of the appointment without required notice will result in the deposit being lost.